Debi Goenka

CAT is led by Debi Goenka, one of India’s well-known conservationists. Debi Goenka has been working in the field of environmental protection in India since 1975, and has pioneered several successful campaigns to protect the natural environment. Some of the most notable success stories have been the protection of mangroves, the protection of the Borivali National Park, and the success in protecting over 3,500 square kilometers of forests in Vidarbha from denotification. He has also been involved in campaigns to prevent the denotification of the Melghat Tiger Sanctuary, the notification of Dahanu Taluka as an ecologically sensitive area, the protection of the coastal areas of Murud Janjira, the declaration of the Nandur - Madhameshwar bird sanctuary, as well as the campaign against Enron.